wateryloveVICE: It seems things have really started to pick up steam with Watery Love as far as shows, records, and general musicality goes. Is this a conscious effort or am I just making things up in my head again?

Max Milgram (guitar): Mildly astute observation, so no need for a head shrink. We finally recorded two singles after a few years of inactivity, so now we have something to offer the world. We might as well let them see us in our most unnatural habitat: the stage. While we’re certainly nowhere near a fully-functioning unit, when someone asks us to play a show now we actually consider it as opposed to immediately saying no.

Richie Charles (vocals/guitar): Yeah, I suppose we get together with guitars with a little more frequency lately. We finally recorded a few more tunes and let people press them into records. Seems fitting to celebrate with a few live gigs. Max even went so far as to get his guitar strung correctly and buy an amp of his very own. We’ve also learned that some bars give away free beer to performers.