Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Matt Sweeney are serial killaborators whose work together stretches back over a decade plus. After they’d played on a few stages together and recorded a little bit, it was clear that they had something to say to each other and that a journey all of their own should be embarked upon. And they made a pact spoke thusly by Bonnie: here are these words I wrote – you write the music. During the year of 2004, they worked on it, traveling around and playing shows as the songs came together. This worked out great and the songs were taped and released as Superwolf. The question remained, hero or villain? More shows played in the wake were attended by rabid fans everywhere, and eight years later, it is a staple of the Bonnie ‘Prince’ catalog. Both Bonny and Sweeney have gone on to make much other music, and have even collaborated again, but above all Superwolf stands, unrepentant and watchful.