Street Gnar first came to my attention when they played Big Snow in Brooklyn a couple months back. I didn’t get a chance to go to the show but the name intrigued me because it’s kind of catchphrase-y, so I looked into the music. Every other band on that show was Canadien, but Street Gnar was a kid who had recently moved to Brooklyn, and he had a Night People tape that you could download for free on Bandcamp, and I listened to that a few times.

But now we have Study Wall, which is excellent. It’s also on Bandcamp. Case Mahan, who is Street Gnar (I wonder if he has help on stage, I should have gone to that show!), recorded it by himself and it is just one heartbreaking, sneery, delightful pop song after another. There are combed-over waves of psychedelic fuzz, but underneath is a nasality that is almost Brit-pop, which is something I normally hate, but here it works. He’s learning from White Fence, but it’s not raw rock and roll like Tim Presley. I can’t decide which song is my favorite, but right now I’m stuck on “Stuck” and it’s follower, “Let it Grow”.

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