skimaskWho is responsible for the sounds on this slab of wax? Two microphone fiends and a self-aware drum machine. Who polished this turd into something somewhat digestible? The Producer. He was unpaid but is not a slave. Is the master a slave? The Practitioner who mastered this product was handsomely paid. What genre will this record be placed? Rock-N-Roll? Too broad-based some will say. Thales said water is everything, and we all know we was wrong. Then what category shall this record be placed? Lets listen to the record to decide. Lots of vocal parts, nonsense syllables, a simple beat, little instrumentation and very simple lyrics. Doo-wop? Yes, but we don’t want to seem old-fashioned as that isn’t in vogue currently. How about we create a new subcategory for this baby to cradle in, Doo-doo-wop. Doo-doo-wop? Yeah! It has all the elements of doo-wop with the added bonus of being considered a complete waste product by the majority. But maybe you the reader are not part of the majority. Maybe you are a rare breed. A creepy critter. A conceptual creature hiding under a rock that is about to get turned over.

What does the band have to say? They like to play. Sometimes the play underground (ex. basements). Sometimes they play aboveground (ex.bars, clubs, rooftops). Sometimes they play aboveground establishments that call themselves underground. Sometimes they play on the floor. Sometimes they play up on a stage which feels like they are wearing high heels (really uncomfortable!). Do they ever play below sea-level? Like a treasure chest? Or the Netherlands? That is a discussion for another time.