saladinfluenceEldred, Paul. Elsinore, Joe. Turner, Ma as in, like the insides of CROSS, Thirties, Elsinores, Speed To Roam, Warmer Milks, kid bands, mess zones, WHATEVER. North end of Lexington, Kentucke is their home. Ma and Paul usually meet over at Joe’s. Actually Joe picks them up in his Subaru. Yeah, they get up in the attic there and they run through parts until Ma’s hands fall asleep or it get’s too hot. Or better yet, they kick it for weeks on end without touching their instruments and talk about other people’s records. Crispy Tunes Convo on Crisis or Whitehouse! or John Cale or CRASS or Depeche Mode or Cleaners From Venus or WHATEVER. Nerd types and yes, very political if you’re asking. Maybe Paul not as much as Joe or Ma but he runs Pot Coffin Tapes with Juicy Suggs. Brave Captain is Ma and Joe’s tape label. Salad Influence has been going on since January 2013. All because they wanted to play fast and sing harmonies.
Bunch of fucking babies.