“Bands were cool, organizers were cool, venue security was cool, attendees were cool, and the Falls City Beer was rowdy.  Grating noise was often coupled with gentle acoustic offerings as a testament to the lineup’s eclecticism. There was tons of blood, and even a couple of dildos. Cropped Out was punk as fuck.

– The Decibel Tolls on Cropped Out Fest 2010


“[L]ooking to become a well welcomed annual tradition.”

– Impose Magazine on Cropped Out Fest 2011


“[A] slew of killer regional and international under-the-radar acts”

– Altered Zones on Cropped Out Fest 2011


“One of the best bets for any independent rock-loving Midwesterner to squeeze in one last music festival”

– Uneasy Listening – Cropped Out Fest 2011 Preview


“It was late, and these things can be exhausting, but very worth it.

– American Gloam on Cropped Out Fest 2011


“The unrelentingly fringe music festival returns . . . “

 The Decibel Tolls  on Cropped Out Fest 2011


“Underground rock forms in the bluegrass state”

– The Wire (UK) on Cropped Out Fest 2011


“Interview with festival co-founder Ryan Davis.

– LEO Weekly on Cropped Out Fest 2011