MV & EE is a Vermont-based group of musicians focused around Matt “MV” Valentine and his partner Erika “EE” Elder. Matt Valentine was in the neo-psychedelic group, The Tower Recordings and has also released music under his own name and the pseudonym, Matthew Dell. While the duo recorded under many different names, including MV & EE Medicine Show and The Bummer Road, most of the records center around both artists and feature a rotating cast of additional musicians.

Their style is self-described as “lunar ragas”, with many of the lyrics dealing with celestial imagery. They combine Indian raga style composition with Appalachian folk and post-psychedelic electrical experimentalism. They use Westernand Eastern acoustic instruments amplified and augmented with effects such as reverbdelay, andflange. Their compositions occasionally feature vocals, which are off-kilter and rambling, while seeming drugged.


MV + EE – “Foxy One”

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