Lil B is the strangest rapper alive. He has none of the trappings of mainstream success—no Video Music Awards, no Fallon appearances, no record deal—but he is a celebrity on the Internet, where he has more than a hundred MySpace accounts, four hundred thousand Twitter followers, and sixty million YouTube views. Justin Bieber gleefully transmits Lil B’s memes; Diddy, acting as his hype man at a South by Southwest performance, did Lil B’s signature “cooking dance.” Pitchfork found his most recent album, “I’m Gay,” “especially compelling.” Last year, he released a mixtape with six hundred seventy six tracks, including “Am I Even a Rapper Anymore?,” “Cash in My Tiny Pants,” “I Sex Myself,” and “Sherbert Flerbert.” He is twenty-two years old and claims to have released “over two thousand songs,” which is plausible, depending on what the definition of “song” is.
The New Yorker