Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Cropped Out?

Cropped Out is located at: American Turner’s Club, 3501 River Road, Louisville KY, 40207 (Friday and Saturday)

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Weekend Pass (Friday and Saturday) – $75

Weekend Pass with Camping (Friday and Saturday) – $105

Friday Single Day – $45

Saturday Single Day – $45

Single Day Friday or Saturday Pass with Camping – $65

Online ticketing for this event has been closed. Tickets will be available at the gate for the above prices until the event reaches capacity.


Can I camp at the the festival?

Yes! You can camp at Cropped Out.  We ask that you please clean up after yourselves! We will have showers and bathrooms available for campers to use 24/7. A camping pass is $10 per day, per person. Each pass costs $10 per day, per camper whether you will be in single-person tent or sharing a multi-person tent. All campers must sign a liability waiver upon arrival at the site and will be given a camping wristband and a list of rules that they must comply with, which can be seen here.


There is no camping Sunday night.

When can I set up my tent?

The camping site will be open for setup at 4:00PM on Friday, September 26th.  All campers must be cleaned up and on their way out by 12:00PM on Sunday, September 28th. There is no camping on Sunday, September 28th.

We have four people in one tent. Do I have to pay another camping fee?

Camping is charged per person, NOT per site/ tent. Camping is $10 per person, per day. Whether you have your own tent or have 15 people crammed in one is up to you.

Will my belongings and tent be safe?

While we will have security on site for the entirety of the festival and hope that all festival attendees will be respectful of others’ property, we cannot guarantee and are not liable for any property that is damaged or stolen from tents, vehicles, backpacks, etc. If you’re that worried about it, leave it at home!

If I’m a camper and I want to leave the grounds in the middle of the night, can I get back in?

Yes. We will have security on site 24/7. You must have your camping wristband on, which you’ll be given when you check in at the front gate during gate hours. You will not be allowed to re-enter if you do not have your wristband.

Can I…?

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No, but we will have beer and booze available for purchase for the duration of the festival bands each night. All drinks are reasonably priced.

Can I get cash out at the festival? Is there an ATM on site?

There is an ATM located on site at American Turner’s Club.

I lost something! Where can I find lost property?

A Lost & Found will be located at the gate of the festival during gate hours.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not permitted on the premises.

Can I bring my baby?

Children 11 and under can attend for free.  Children 12 years and older must pay full price for festival admission.