People have said about the singing frog band, Cave Bears, “die frog and creator.” And, “I LOVE THIS FROG” and “This thing is tight and funny. his voice and everything that little thing rocks! all the ppl who say he sucks and stuff. ur just jealous so f u. he’s the hot shit. its so cool! its voice and everything” and also “the best on this site yet!!!”


Cave Bears is beloved by no body. But, we have continued for 1,000 years until you now have over 100,000,000 releases on all labels in the world to listen to in your home until you are dead. You are dead now, so wake up!!!!!! GO to the bank you have to get coffee.Cave bears is a terrible band because we smash all of our recrds. If you buy our record , you will not have any music, just a smashed up pieces of a record inside of a box. We try to replicate this sound live by not showing up, or by killing you by punching you in the face until you are dead.


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