With so many quasi-rootsy, plaid western-wearing beirdos trolling about in the seemingly legendary farm-rock mecca of Louisville, KY, its hard to know when you are actually face-to-face with “the real thing.” However, if you plow through the Red Mud and get in touch with the New Mother Nature, then the minerals and acid rain runoff might seep into your head and inform you that southern Indiana is where many of Louisville’s strangest sons of the weirdest ones are from.


Organics, organs, former-Oregonians, Orgone Accumulators and the like really add up for a phun-philled journey into the mind’s eye with this latest outfit from Possibility City, by way of Indiana. Slow down to tractor speed on two-lane highways for extended, multi-colored sound painting and autumnal bliss.


Axel Cooper – “Fowl Parade”
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