Angels in America are Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten based in NY. The duo was discovered by Thurston Moore. Their first tape “Cunt Tree Grammar” was re-released through Moore’s own label Ecstatic Peace.

They create a mutated breed of pop avant-garde. i.a. A Black Sabbath intro with droning 3-bar repetition, a slowed-down and drugged-out Nancy Sinatra, Merzbow’s signature noise blast, with little twisting and stabbing interludes of distortion.

“definitely one of those out of nowhere experiences where you encounter something with no reference or connection to any of the noise, punk, no wave, junk, skuzz musix you’ve been soaking in and it completely grips yr mind and purrs against yr sweet spot. Weird, sultry, damaged and almost always falling apart with lyrics spun from some poet head zone, Angels In America are a goddamned curiosity.” – Free Music Archive

Angels In America – Maria Bellow

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